TUB Nation has landed on Spotify and Soundcloud!  We know, it took a while.  We are old.  Sometimes slow.  Old School.  And proud of the dimension that the site adds to the content so keep visiting us here. 

But in the spirit of being old and sometimes slow like Nice & Smooth “This is how we take, the old from the new, the new to the old, the old from the New”.


 The first playlist is called May Flowers.  It is inspired in the spirit of the TUB Mix and features newly released hip hop music that might have been otherwise featured on a mix.  This list has some great tracks featuring artists like De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Your Old Droog, Benny the Butcher, Evidence and more.

The second playlist is called UPS Is Hiring: The Remix, borrowing it’s name from TUB family member BI’s favorite line from a classic remix, Craig Mack’s “Flava in Ya Ear”.  The list is a collection of some of the TUB families favorite hip hop remixes. 

What qualifies as a remix?  That debate could go on, a different beat, new lyrics, an added vocalist or emcee.  For this playlist, after internal debate, a remix is anything that the artist or new producerdecided to label as a remix or a second version.  

The TUB Nation Soundcloud will host some TUB Mixes for additional access after being posted on the site and perhaps some original content in the future.

Bless Up!



Small Axe

Fell in love with Hip Hop and began rhyming. Took on DJ’ing, attended college in NYC…Today he resides in Boston with his precious daughter Colette a/k/a Coco & works as a therapeutic counselor giving back to the community and still bangs pads on the MPC.