The Ides of March

Tubheadzzzzzz!!!  Long overdue, belated and tardy is this mix.

Lots of solid work on this that I’m real happy to share with yall. I think this mix has a much more anonymous feel than it’s predecessors. Some new artists, well for me that is, like The Good Sin, Rapsody and Awar, all of whom bless the mic. A few new school cats I just can’t get enough of like Kendrick Lamar and Elzhi.  Sprinkled in with some regulars like Common.  And, of course, Coco does her part to guide us through it all into the light of musical bliss.

Enjoy and God Bless!!!




Track Listing


1    Intro

2    Talkin Back to the Streets – People Under The Stairs

3    Take it to the Top – Premier and Bumpy Knuckles

4    Mess You Made – Sean P

5    Save Ya – Elzhi feat. T3

6    The Dreamer – Common

7    Change – Sepalot feat. Fashawn

8    Got To Make It – Copywrite

9    No Pretending – 9th Wonder feat. Rae & Big Remo

10   Heavy – Gensu Dean feat. Prince Po

11   Peroxide – Josh Baze

12   Hindsight – Chaundon

13   Lights On – Sean Born

14   Soul Caliber – Awar

15   Blessed – Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar

16   Legends of the Fall – Rapsody

17   Lighthouse – The Roots

18   Go Far (Jupiter Mix) – J. Pinder

19   Wealth – The Good Sin

20   Up Next – Marc Billz

21   95 Live – DTMD feat. Quartermaine

22   Coco – Kiara (Bonobo)


P.S. The Artwork on this link is a tattoo outline drawn by artist Mark Corliss from Spilt Milk in Hyannis, MA.  Go there and get some.

Small Axe

Fell in love with Hip Hop and began rhyming. Took on DJ’ing, attended college in NYC…Today he resides in Boston with his precious daughter Colette a/k/a Coco & works as a therapeutic counselor giving back to the community and still bangs pads on the MPC.