Best Sneakers of 2013 According to @kicksphilanthropy

Top Ten Sneakers of 2013 According to @kicksphilanthropy



I’ve always loved sneakers. 2013 saw my footwear fetish reach new heights. Perhaps it was the increased internet presence through sites like Instagram or perhaps I’m just a plain “addict for sneakers” and this was the year I had the money to buy the shoes Mom never would for me. Whatever the reason I bought more sneakers in 2013 than the past 5 years combined. Here is a quick look at my personal favorites from the year.


(Note, to be considered I had to actually own and or wear the pair so, many dope kicks from 2013 may not have made the list because I could not get my hands on them)



Honorable Mentions:


Jordan XI Low Reverse Concord


Jordan XI



Nike Roshe Run Leopard





Saucony X Hanon Shadowmaster “Midnight Runner”





Nike Air Max 1 Blue Suede





Asics Gel Saga Christmas Pack “Rudolph”





Kevin Durant V Superhero






10. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “4th of July” Pack – White




The whole pack was dope. And yes, I copied Kanye as he first wore these in public before I was sold but only one word describes each color of blue, red and white : clean.



9. Asics GL III X Ronnie Fieg “Miami”




I ridiculously overpaid for these then after a month of opening the box to wear them only to feel the pain of how much I paid second hand (300) I decided to sell them on ebay to try and make my money back. Dumb move.



8. Nike Air Max 180 X Size “Urban Safari”




This was the first shoe release I ever woke up at 3 AM to order online at their release time in the UK. They were worth it. The diamond quilting on the base MADE these special.



7. Jordan I “Shadow”




It doesn’t get more classic and lean than the Air Jordan I. I missed out on the Royals early in the year and the Black Toes so I had to get these when they were dropped during a random Nike Twitter Link Only “Restock”. My footwear of choice to the Yeezus tour.



6. New Balance 998 X Concepts “Mint”




I’m a straight sucker for perforated toe boxes on anything. This color combo was a bit of a stretch for my normal wears but thankfully I found with the grey laces they went with just about anything grey. Perfect Fall sneaker right there.



5. Jordan IV “Fear Pack”




I’m still waiting to pull these out of the box for the spring when all the snow is gone. The black, white and grey is a perfect shading match on one of the most iconic Jordan’s ever. If you are a retro only head, these are an exception.



4. Asics Gel Lyte III X St. Alfred




Ahhhh, the Chicago based shoe that crashed the internet and caused hysterical ongoings outside the shop on release day. Another pair that I overpaid for on eBay because of the frustration with trying online and the desire to never camp in a line outside a shop where the kid behind me wouldn’t hesitate to run my daughter over for a pair. The green is a perfect color, with the gum sole and perforated leather, I was had at hello.



3. Asics Gel Lyte III x Ronnie Fieg “Flamingo”




Colorwise these were my hands down favorite of the year. The muted grey and khaki color mixed with a muted peach-ish pink and soft blue were perfect. My sneaker of choice for a Florida trip, much like their inspiration, they would contend higher if it weren’t for the fact that the toe sole came unglued after a day of wear.



2. New Balance 998 X Concepts “C – Notes”




Standing in line for these with my 7 year old was actually a fun experience. Not a terrible wait and no Tom Foolery going on outside. I knew I liked the shoe, the concept, the design, the model…… but they grew on me and I wound up wearing these more than just about any other sneaker this year other than……



1. Jordan IV “Toro Bravo”




I was going to pass on these. With my fair skin and blue eyes I do not wear a lot of red. Shout outs to @copeboyy130 who gave me the “SMH” when I said I was going to pass on them. I wore them damn near every day for the summer and into the Fall. I found I hardly wore any red at all with them actually mostly grey and black and sometimes a Navy and Red combo. They did it all right from top to bottom, the design is obviously a classic, the quality on these was great, the color spacing and contrasts (the red net over the black base), the “blood on the leaves” red suede was perfect material, the black laces, the grey Jumpman Logo, these made up for a lot of Jordan’s Mom said no to when I was 12.


Lastly, in the midst of my impulsive sneaker shopping I slowly came to the reality that I will never wear all the kicks I buy/bought and started the Instagram account @kicksphilanthropy — I started raffling away sneakers I either wear only a few times or will never wear there as a way to give back and rid myself of guilt, lol. Of course, you gotta fit a size 9.5-10.5 but if that’s you hit me with a follow. God Bless and as DJ Clark Kent reminds us all, “wear your kicks”.





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