Author: General Mills

I am a man. A man that cries. A man that is not desensitized to the sensitive. I have been known to speak with unfiltered bluntness. I have been known to be emotional to a fault. I have been known to listen to a little bit of music from time 2 time. I am a man, a scholar, a father, a husband, a veteran, a beast with the rock, nice with the pen, a gentleman and a not-so-gentle man. I am all of these and none of these at times. I have unabashed love for my family and brethren because they are my backbone and a reflection of my spirit. My wife loves me without boundaries and my 3 daughters think I am the funniest man on Earth(when clearly I am not). This is who I am... who are you?
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Kill Screen

You may have known her as What?What? back in the day, but Jean Grae is her nombre, and she is still killing it… forget about any other female MC that is currently in the game […]

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Board Work

“Innovative, courageous, original: Kilian Martin”     Directed, Filmed and Edited by Brett Novak Music: Patrick Watson – “Adventures in Your Own Backyard”

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Torae - For The Record - On The Urban Brigade

That Raw

Coney Island’s own Torae teams up with the Soul Brother numero Uno for a little steak and eggs, undercooked and definitely raw.   Manja!      

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Subway Series

This video was sent to us by our resident First Lady/ NY Tubber…Alicia “aka Ieesha, aka Ladycakes” Cannon. The kicks and gear in this vid were inspired by graf artists from the 70’s and 80’s […]

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Long-live Ridiculous Guitar Rifts

    Epic smash right here. Just imagine Pete Townshend’s fingertips bleeding profusely after absolutely murking the axe… pure animal. Notice the incredible ending with a scorching primal scream… Damn I love this ish… Should […]

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Stay In My Corner – The Dells

Prime Baby Producing Production       I believe both my daughters Brooklyn & Journey were conceived while listening to this song… and hopefully Landon Champ was conceived the other night as well. Use at […]

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    Enjoy a dope instrumental with many layers throughout.  Courtesy of Mr. Fudgemunk.  Provided by General Mills as a part of a complete breakfast.